Monday, December 20, 2010

'Ribbon End' Error on Citizen CL S700 Printer

The 'Ribbon End' error on this model printer may be caused by a pinched timing sensor wire in the Left Ribbon Frame Assembly.

Check the obvious, first.  Be sure the ribbon cores are securely on the ribbon spindles and they do not slip as the ribbon comes off the ribbon supply.  Be sure the ribbon take up tension and ribbon supply tension are set for the appropriate settings.  If the error continues, the problem is most likely in the ribbon timing.  It will need to be sent in for repair.

These printers do not directly detect the presence of the ribbon.  As the ribbon winds off of the ribbon supply, the motion of the ribbon supply is detected by a timing sensor.  If the ribbon supply does not spin at the expected rate, the printer will elicit a 'Ribbon End' error.

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We also offer depot repair service programs. Send in your printer for diagnosis and repair, preventative maintenance check-up, inspection, update, or refurbishment. We'll provide you with a quote within 48 hrs. after receiving your equipment. Our scheduled maintenance programs have proven to be instrumental in eliminating downtime.

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